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The power of voice repetition, small stories and great wisdom. Listen often.

Little tiger:

【ancient poetry】 - 2 hours and 30 minutes


piano music - 2 hours

Little zebra:

English words - 3 hours and 50 minutes

Little fox:

idiom story - 6 hours and 20 minutes

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Exquisite content, compact and portable, listening to stories anytime, anywhere

Premium content

Written by parenting experts, immersive and engaging Classic Literature, Poetry Dictionaries, Myths

language sense enlightenment

Non-rich children's knowledge, cultivate children's reading habits Exercise children's language skills and stimulate children's imagination

Small and portable

Palm size, child can hold with one hand Go out to listen, at home, wherever you go

soothe and sleep

Sleep with music, stories with sleep Accompany the children to sleep with the music story

Premium sound

High-fidelity full-range output with clear sentences Nice and ear-friendly, let children fall in love with listening to stories

Environmentally friendly material

Made of environmentally friendly materials, healthy and safe without peculiar smell Safe listening, care for the healthy growth of children

The power of voice repetition

[the first time] stimulate children's interest, [the second time] further consolidate and cultivate their sense of language, [the third time] deeply understand and strengthen their memory Listen repeatedly and feel the power of voice repetition
Reading aloud is repetition. Repetition is the law of human language
In China, anyone who reads a book 100 times There is no one who cannot be great Every Jew has read a book 100 times Therefore, everyone becomes a master.
Reading is accumulation, reading is repetition Reading aloud is a cycle, and reading aloud is the work of grinding a pestle into a needle Reading aloud is to step into the ladder of "knowing, familiar, refined, absolutely and fluent"
The most powerful force in the world is the force of repetition. The power of personality and credibility lies in the power of repetition
Do simple things repeatedly and you are an expert Repeat things with heart, you are the winner
101 times is definitely better than 100 times. " As long as you read a book 100 times, you have the ability to read the world any book on

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Exquisite content, compact and portable, listening to stories anytime, anywhere
From "story planet" Animal family
A good partner for children's learning
The well-read "Story King"
Explore the world with children

Listen and learn

Build a cognitive ladder for children with stories to stimulate children's curiosity and imagination, Let them explore the world in happiness

Often listen to the harvest

Fully inspire five thinking abilities


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